About Me



Photography is close to my heart, it is my way of preserving the moments of joy that infuse our days. I approach your wedding with the same commitment that I give to my personal reflections. My greatest happiness comes from bringing joy to the people around me. By shining a light on the special moments of your event I hope to enrich your experience of this wonderful day.

I work with a natural, candid, documentary style approach. No awkward poses, no forced smiles, just real moments happening between you and the people you love. Weddings are naturally beautiful events, without enforcing postures and adding pressure to the day. Of course, I make sure to capture plenty of images of everyone without intruding on conversations. During the golden hour just before sunset we might find some especially gorgeous locations to shoot in while you’re looking your best, bathed in that magic light, but these will be honest, playful, and enjoyable moments.

I believe happy people make great photos, and my first priority on the day is making sure everyone is happy from the first shot until I pack my bags and leave you to dance away the night.

-Nick Hannah