What’s your story, how did you get involved with Photography?

I always loved playing with cameras. Forever in the garden, running inside to show my parents photographs of some new flower I’d discovered. I moved to Melbourne and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photography at RMIT in 2009 and I have been expanding my skills ever since. In the years up to now I have worked as a freelance photographer, a digital retoucher, a fine art printer, and many things besides. I travel frequently, searching out the great art galleries of the world to enrich my spirit and develop my art.

We’re going to be spending some time together, so tell me something about yourself.

I’m a kid who grew up on the beach, breathing that salty air, and now the vastness of the ocean lives in me. I devour images, always looking for a gentle beauty. When I’m not behind my camera I’m working in my ceramic studio, www.studioenki.com. I’ve spent time teaching English to kids in Italy and working in the USA and Japan. I believe life is an adventure and I intend to prove it.

Are our images retouched, and can we print them?

All images will be corrected for colour and contrast, and a selection of the best images will get the full treatment. If you find any that you especially adore and you’d like me to give them a little extra love, just get in touch and that can be arranged. There are no watermarks on anything, and all the files are ready to print at 11×14”, about A3 sized. If larger sizes are required just contact me and we can make arrangements for that.



Do we get to meet you before the wedding day?

Definitely! We’ll make a date to talk about everything well in advance of the big day. Since I’m going to be a part of such an important day for you I want to get to know you, so this is a time to find out about each other and make sure things will be super comfortable while I’m shooting. And I’m interested in people! I want to know how you met each other, your favourite stories, and what else you do with your lives. Of course, you can ask me anything you want to know, and we can make a list of special shots that you want me to catch, whether its family member combinations or just special moments you’re anticipating.

What if it rains?

No problem! I always scout the location before shooting begins to find back up locations in case something happens. And even if there’s nowhere to go when the deluge comes, people look great in the rain.

How many photos do we get?

It varies slightly, but you can expect at least 150 photos, all colour corrected and adjusted for contrast.




What should we wear?

I love to see people express themselves! Wear what makes you happy, try letting your kids choose their own clothing. Lots of children are very snappy dressers if given the chance. In general, light colours are great in photographs, and it’s best to avoid very dark clothing.

How many photos do we get?

You can expect about 50/hour of shooting, but that can vary depending on the number of different environments we find and how things pan out on the day.